business services

Ticking All Boxes offers professional advice and feedback to a wide range of customer-facing businesses, from retail establishments, hotels and beauty salons through to any business serving the public. We help you to improve customer satisfaction through our consultancy services, mystery shopper visits, customer feedback mechanisms, online reviews and staff training.

We offer bespoke programmes to help continually measure and improve customer service, performance, drive revenue and customer loyalty. Our Mystery Shopper programme measures the service levels your staff provide, while giving you the opportunity to see how your establishment is perceived through the eyes of the customer.

During difficult economic times, it is easy to believe that your business doesn’t really require expert advice. But this is the time when you should evaluate your business, and look again at your structure and processes, to ensure that you are fully utilising your resources and maximising your returns.

It is often difficult to visualise how a client experiences your services, and this is where Ticking All Boxes come in; we offer an impartial, professional approach, which brings benefits to you, your staff, your clients and your business.

Our approach is individually tailored to your company, designed to raise standards, business performance, customer focus and team motivation within your specific environment.