Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopper – one of the most effective ways to measure the service delivered to your customers.

Having the impartial feedback of a Mystery Shopper helps you to see whether your employees are adhering to company standards, the level of service that is being experienced by your customers and overall staff performance. Our staff are specially trained to provide specific, valuable and usable feedback.

Our services assess everything, from your response to an initial enquiry right through the customer journey to the end of the transaction. We visit your place of business, call or speak directly to your staff, experience your services and perhaps even speak to other customers to offer you the feedback you need to optimise your business.

The three main evaluation methods we offer are:

  • Mystery guest telephone audits
  • Online mystery shopping – via a website or email
  • Mystery shopper visits

The aim of our Mystery Shopper solution is to help you ensure that your customers not only return, but that they also recommend you to their friends and share their positive experiences both through referrals and online.

A Mystery Shopper assessment includes:

  • Initial interaction/greeting
  • Cleanliness of premises
  • Staff performance
  • Overall appearance
  • Service levels

All of the feedback is provided in a full, detailed report.