“I want to buy a wedding dress!”

I heard the most ridiculous thing the other day, if you are in business you are there to make money and give great customer service, wouldn’t you agree? So picture this, you are out with one objective in mind, you want to buy a wedding dress. You make it plain from your first interaction with.. read more →

Do all customers deserve good customer service?

We all talk about wanting good customer service but do we deserve good customer service? You often hear the phrase “the customer is always right”, I disagree, I have seen awful customers that definitely haven’t been right in their words and actions.  The trick the members of staff have to learn is, in my opinion, how.. read more →

Pain or gain, are your customers enjoying the automated service?

Is your time and cost cutting automated service saving your customers time and costs? Automated machines are the bane of my life I hate them, press 1 for….., press 2 for….. and so on, I can’t be the only person that wants to speak about something not ever mentioned in all the options I am.. read more →

Who are your staff serving?

You would like to think your staff are loyal to you, put you and your business above everything when in the work place,  look to ensure that your customers have a great customer experience and reason to return, wouldn’t you? My experiences last week in one store show that this unfortunately isn’t always the case,.. read more →

Good Customer Experience Abroad

I stepped on ground I knew well, I had provided great customer experience I know I have letters of thanks confirming it, so it was hard going back and seeing the level had fallen and although I kept my opinions to myself just as I would have done had I been secret shopping but it.. read more →

“100 points and counting……………..down!”

I like going to a shop where I know I will get good customer service, I even like going somewhere, where I might or might not have a good customer experience, the sheer pleasure of being surprised by the high standard is sometimes enough to make my day, but I hate going somewhere where I.. read more →

Two parties, two venues, two stories!

I attended a couple of Christmas party events in large hotels last month, one was fantastic and I am thinking of marking the whole of December out in my diary so that I know I am free when the invite comes for next year, the other, well if it was a child and I was.. read more →

An Umbrella could have made all the difference!

I recently had a two night stay in a hotel, it was work related not a holiday, but I was still looking forward to two nights in a hotel and the comfort and convenience it would bring.  The hotel in question is part of a well-known chain, situated not too far from London, I won’t.. read more →

Fly on the wall in your business!

Have you ever wished you could be a fly on the wall in your own business to see what happens when you aren’t there,…………………. or to be a fly on the wall when your customers go away to see what they tell their friends and family about what you do and how you do it,………….. read more →

Welcome to Ticking All Boxes

Would you like to know what people think about your business, I mean really think, people on the outside looking in? No I don’t mean secret cameras, peep holes in the walls or recording devices, I am sure there are laws forbidding such things anyway and if there aren’t there should be, well at least.. read more →