Ticking All Boxes have helped a number of organisations improve their customer service and productivity. Here are some of the customer testimonials received by Ticking All Boxes.

The Royal Society of Arts

“The RSA commissioned ticking all boxes for 5 mystery shopping exercise to help them better understand the experience of people coming into contact with the RSA. This includes Fellows, visitors, guests, suppliers and other customers. Ticking all boxes carried out these exercise twice and the provided five reports, one for each task, outlining the mystery shopper’s findings and experience the reports highlight where there was good practice, and where there is opportunity for improvement. From this, we have created a list of recommendations for consideration.”
~ Sam Fletcher, RSA, London

Chi Beauty Salon

“………………….I really appreciate you taking the time to do a mystery shop. Although you only saw the business over a small spectrum of time, It could be that one thing that upsets a customer and stops them from returning, so we need to aim to excel all the time which is what I keep conveying to the staff………………..”
~ Sonia Richmond, CHI Beauty Salon, London

Bossa Brazil

“It was a great pleasure to work with Ticking All Boxes as they fully understand the commercial needs for customer services and corporate identity.  We came to Ticking All Boxes as we were straggling to understand why our clients would make an inquiry with us, but never confirm the orders; the help and consultancy provided by Rosy and her team showed us where we were wrong and gave us a detailed report on how to improve our business.  We recommend Ticking All Boxes for every company wishing to understand how their clients see their business from outside. Thank you so much Ticking All Boxes!”
~ Marli Pires, Bossa Brazil (destination marketing and PR company)

DMT Promotions & Events

“There are times in our business when we need to sit back and revise how we work, by contracting Ticking All Boxes all our problems were resolved, they are a delightful company to work with and provided us with a detailed report for all areas of improvements.  We definitely recommend Ticking All Boxes for all businesses in the UK and abroad for consistent and professional advice!”
~ Alex Ribeiro, DMT Promotions & Events

EMBU events venue

“Ticking All Boxes was extremely vital to our business helping us understand where we were wrong  in order to attract more clients and to retain existing repeat clients.  Working with Ticking All Boxes team was a great experience as they fully understood our needs and pointed out all areas of improvements.  With their bilingual team it was easy to work with them and since then we have tripled our events bookings!”
~ Fabio Darcie, Owner: Rancho 3 Irmãos Events


“We recommend Ticking All Boxes for your hotels and/or your travel business.  Working with Rosy at Ticking All Boxes has helped us to provide our trade partners with information and suggestions to improve their customer services strategies, Ticking All Boxes experience and recommendations was above expectations and we would like to thank Rosy and her team for the excellent services provided.”
~ Glauco Fuzinatto. Director of the Brazilian Tourist UK and Ireland (2006 to 2010)