Good Customer Experience Abroad

I stepped on ground I knew well, I had provided great customer experience I know I have letters of thanks confirming it, so it was hard going back and seeing the level had fallen and although I kept my opinions to myself just as I would have done had I been secret shopping but it.. read more →

An Umbrella could have made all the difference!

I recently had a two night stay in a hotel, it was work related not a holiday, but I was still looking forward to two nights in a hotel and the comfort and convenience it would bring.  The hotel in question is part of a well-known chain, situated not too far from London, I won’t.. read more →

Fly on the wall in your business!

Have you ever wished you could be a fly on the wall in your own business to see what happens when you aren’t there,…………………. or to be a fly on the wall when your customers go away to see what they tell their friends and family about what you do and how you do it,………….. read more →