Pain or gain, are your customers enjoying the automated service?

Is your time and cost cutting automated service saving your customers time and costs? Automated machines are the bane of my life I hate them, press 1 for….., press 2 for….. and so on, I can’t be the only person that wants to speak about something not ever mentioned in all the options I am.. read more →

Good Customer Experience Abroad

I stepped on ground I knew well, I had provided great customer experience I know I have letters of thanks confirming it, so it was hard going back and seeing the level had fallen and although I kept my opinions to myself just as I would have done had I been secret shopping but it.. read more →

“100 points and counting……………..down!”

I like going to a shop where I know I will get good customer service, I even like going somewhere, where I might or might not have a good customer experience, the sheer pleasure of being surprised by the high standard is sometimes enough to make my day, but I hate going somewhere where I.. read more →